Well today was fun. I signed my oldest boy up for a reading program at his school so today we went to the library in our neighborhood and got him his first book for his reading challenge. 

I walk in and stop by the front desk as I always do. I look through all the books they have for sale. See, I suppose that when a book gets permanently shelved, the library instead puts them out on display hoping someone will adopt them and take them home. In this selection, I find three books that are on my TBR list. All three are part of the Vampire Academy series (not in order). Luckily, the first book in the series was one of them. Want to know how much? $3....yes, three whole dollars. Hmmm...yes you can bag those for me.

Then, we decided to go bargain shopping. The main road that runs through our little town is US 40. Apparently, once a year, the families that live on US 40 get together and have garage sales. This stretches from Greenfield to Richmond. Which if you don't know is a very long way. We didn't quite go that far but we did have fun looking (and buying) all the little treasures along the way. Well, we get into Knightstown and there is this little second hand book store. And what do you think I did? Of course I stopped in, you know, just to see what they had. I look and look but can't quite seem to set my interest on anything. This is a very strange feeling for me. Then, when I think all hope is lost, I look and there is this interesting little bookshelf and on it some "New Arrivals". So, I look through them and find three books that have three novels each in them. I have not heard of these books but I have heard of the author, L.J Smith (author of the Vampire Diaries). So, in all, I got 9 novels in three books. How much? Drum roll please....$7. I know you think you are having a heart attack but I promise it is just palpitations.

But it doesn't stop there. We then resume our garage sales and find more and more stuff we don't have the room for. Just when I had given up on finding good books on deep sale, I come across this little box in a front yard. I see a bunch of kids books and such, but at the bottom, there is this little book set. I had already owned "The Lovely Bones" but it also came with another book I have not heard of in a cute little collectible box. Well, lets see how much because it isn't marked. Wait...how much? $1!! Are you serious?!?! Sold.

So, all in all I got 8 books (14 total stories) for $11. I have to say that is one of the best hauls I have done so far. So, I added these to my book jar and can't wait to read them. I think if the stories are even somewhat enjoyable, they were still worth the price I paid for them.