The Witches of Jericho (Edenwitch #1)
From the Author - I originally envisioned Edenwitch to be a short novel, but it quickly grew into something much larger. It is now a 6-part series, each part roughly the length of a long novella (approximately 50,000 words, or 120 pages paperback).

In The Witches of Jericho, the first installment in the dark fantasy Edenwitch series, the realm of Eden is in the midst of drastic change. Eve and the other witches have been driven from their homes by an ancient breed of demons returned from a mythological past. No one seems to know how or why they have been called forth, but most believe the devil is to blame. Eve scales the mountains beyond Jericho in search of answers, and discovers a device that has the capability to change the world forever. She will be forced to make a decision that will have dire consequences for years to come.

Ten years later her daughter Sophia Falcomye searches for her own answers, a search which will lead her directly into the den of the demons and a date with the Voodoo Witch. Her father Saul – once a Guardian and a protector - must face his own demons, as well as the Wolf who hunts his daughter and the other witches without mercy.

Meanwhile, the new railroad nears completion. It will bring the north and the south together and drive money directly into the pockets of the powerful Mayor of Jericho. At the same time, an eccentric explorer searches for the passage that could lead through the once impenetrable edge of the world…

Edenwitch is a character-driven, fast-paced and absorbing read that seamlessly weaves together several plot lines into a wonderfully dark adventure…and will eventually seek answers to the oldest of questions.
It only took me a few hours to finish reading this book. It was very well written. The story wasn't too involved and you didn't get lost between the characters. I can't wait until the next book is ready for me to read. I am excited to see what happens. 
I really hope this story doesn't get lost in the Voodoo Witch. The characters are very easily likeable. I don't want the story to follow a one way street. A lot of books end up that way. They start with a good idea and then get lost.