Ok. So, as everyone knows, Dan Brown's "Inferno" was recently released this month. I have all three of the previous books in the series. I have read "The DaVinci Code" and "Angels & Demons". I have yet to get to "The Lost Symbol". But, I wanted to own "Inferno" because it is the next book in the series. 

Ok. I am trying to contain my excitement....here it goes: 

I went to Barnes & Nobles today to get a cover for my Nook Tablet. I found a pretty good one that has pockets in it. Pretty awesome. So, as I am looking around, I see the "New Arrivals" bookshelf and on it is none other than.....Dan Brown's "Inferno". I debated for a long time (an hour walking around the store) as to whether or not I was going to purchase it. My dilemma comes in because I haven't paid full price for a book in like 15 years. I don't see the point in paying those prices when a little patience and determination will get the book for pennies on the dollar. Anyway, I tell my boys that I can't wait for this book to show up at Half Price Books because I had decided I wasn't going to pay full price for the book. So, after some further searching, we decide to leave.

I get a wild hair up my butt and decide that since HPB is on the way to the interstate, we are going to stop in and see what we can find. A couple of weeks ago I stopped in there and found "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova for $7.99. This was a major score for me as I have been looking for this book for quite some time. I happened to look over at their shelf of books to put away and low and behold there it is. I was elated!!

Ok. Back to what I was saying, I look around and find a few books that were on my TBR and decide it is time to go before I buy the whole store out. I am walking to the front and my oldest boy (10) says, "Hey. There are some new books over there." I look over and he is right. They have a whole bookshelf of "Best Sellers" so I decide I am going to check it out. It is on the way to the checkout anyway. I look for a while and don't find anything I want to I go to turn away. As I do....hold on...excitement is rising again...I look up at the top...oh man...there it is!!!!! Dan Brown's "Inferno"!!!! Holy mackerel!! It's only $15!!!

I wouldn't kid you. I about fell over on myself. My oldest looks at me and is like, "Isn't that the one you were looking at at the other books store?" With tears in my eyes I look back at him and say, "Score!" Check out the pic below if you don't believe me..LOL

So needless to say, today is one of those days where anything can happen and I don't think it will ruin my mood. Just WOW.